Tree surgeon saves tree with Veteranisation

Coronet cuts being carved into a storm damaged ash tree to veteranise
Coronet cuts being carved into a storm damaged ash tree to veteranise.

Veteranisation is not new, it’s been around for centuries in the form of pollarding. In this case a storm damaged ash tree has been saved. The unsightly and dangerously damaged trunk has been removed and a more artistic top carved in the shape of a crown or coronet. By doing this it preserves what is left of the tree and accelerates its aging process. This promotes a dead wood habitat for rare or specialised wildlife in the area which only very old dead wood can provide, like fungi and wood boring insects or cavity nesting birds.
This is an essential part of the food chain where active encouragement is required to maintain numbers and their spread throughout our urban environments

The best tree surgeons love trees and always likes to save them if they can. So if on your property there is an unsightly damaged or decayed tree, we can if you wish, preserve the tree and help the environment by applying this ageing technique. In doing so, it will in time, create the habitat for a plethera of wild life in your area.

If you would like to know more about saving trees in Sheffield then please get in touch.


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