Tree risk reduction advice for tree owners.

We have compiled a list of tree operations that may be carried out to improve the health, form and longevity of your trees. Each title includes a brief description of the process (based on the text contained within British Standard 3998 (2010) tree work recommendations) and is followed by useful information about how the risk posed by a tree in an urban environment may be mitigated by the correct implementation of these measures.

Often trees grown in an urban environment are susceptible to growth defects that may either not occur, or have an undue effect in a woodland environment. This means that that when we consider the lifespan of a tree in our private gardens or the urban environment (as opposed to a woodland environment) we should take practical steps to assist the tree in adaptation.

Trees in woodland environments may at times also benefit from some of the measures listed below but are quite often not required due to the lower risk posed to both people and structures etc.

Trees grown in an urban environment often lack the structural form required for a healthy and stable life when grown without proper management plans. Understanding the requirements at an early stage in the trees life may mean very little work is required to avert problems thereby reducing stresses to both the tree and your finances.


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