Tree Planting and Tree Transplanting

Tree planting is a much misunderstood art that involves a whole host of important issues that must be factored in. Most information is now freely available on the internet but it can be difficult to know who to trust and where to start. We adhere to and request our tree and shrub suppliers to adhere to the British Standard 8545:2014 Trees: from nursery to independence in the landscape – Recommendations in our procedures covering the considerations below:

Site evaluation and constraints assessment

Species selection

Nursery production and procurement

Handling and storage


Post-planting management and maintenance.

Photos of transplanting:

Tree transplant – before and after

We can advise on and supply:

-Tree selection-tree sourcing and checks, pot grown or bare root tree? Locally sourced or low cost? Size Vs cost? Tree health checks will be carried upon delivery to improve the success of planting, sub-standard root systems for example will be rejected immediately. We will make sure that all of our sourced trees meet the BS 3936-1:1992 Nursery stock — Part 1: Specification for trees and shrubs on your behalf.

-Guying/support systems- from underground, discreet support anchors to above ground guying systems

-Tree protection systems- we will assess the most suitable options that are required (if any) for your chosen planting site. Most trees fail due to a simple lack of protection from day to day occurrences caused by animals, grass strimmers or cars. This is usually very easy to remedy.

-Trained tree planting operatives- We are independently assessed on our planting methodology and systems through our continued Arboriculture Association Approved Contractor status to the highest level.

If you want to talk to us about this service, then please call now:

All operators are trained and qualified for the tasks they undertake. All our arborist team are I.S.A Certified Arborists to independently and continually verify our knowledge and skills. As we are Arboriculture Association Approved Contractors we are also independently audited to an extremely high standard on our safety, systems and work quality continually.

We are also Which Trusted Traders and Trustmark Registered to give you further peace of mind in your choice Acme Arb Ltd.
The Acme Arb Ltd team will always endeavour to arrive on time, be efficient and leave the work area tidy and will always be professional and courteous.


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