Stump Grinding/Removal

Stump Grinding Sheffield
Before stump grinding

Stump grinding

Acme Arb Ltd use the latest in stump cutter technology to grind down remaining tree stumps post tree removal. Our machines can grind through any kind of tree or shrub stumps, clearing the ground for you to proceed with your project. Whether you are planning on re-turfing, planting a new tree or preparing the ground for a building project we can help tailor stump removal to suit your requirements.

We provide professional stump removal for both domestic and commercial projects. Our clients include landscapers, other tree surgeons, councils (including Sheffield City Council) and private home owners.

No matter the size or number of tree stumps Acme Arb Ltd are equipped to help you. After a free no obligation quote, we will assess which is the best machine for your stump and the methods that cause the least disturbance to the surround areas. We have tested our machines for the many tight or difficult access requirements that are common in Sheffield and will be able to provide a stump grinding solution in almost all situations.

Stump Removal Sheffield
In Progress

How is stump grinding done?

After carrying out a full risk assessment of the site we then check for services, install our public and property safety signage and guarding before commencing the stump grinding operation.

Our stump grinders work by grinding across the tree or shrub stump in small sweeping motions. Depending on the site restrictions and client requirements our machines will work down to a depth below ground of approximately 150-300mm. This allows us to remove surface roots as well where required. Please let us know at the time of the initial site visit if this is a requirement.

Once the grinding is complete, the grindings (a good mix of soil and fine wood shavings) will be backfilled into the pit or removed from site and left tidy as per the written quotation agreement based on your requirements.

Stump Removal After Shot
After stump grinding

Stump Treatment

We are now qualified to apply systemic herbicides as a low-cost alternative to stump removal. Please ask Geoff during the quote visit if this something you would like to consider.

If you want to talk to us about Stump Grinding, then please call now:

All operators are trained and qualified for the tasks they undertake. All our arborist team are I.S.A Certified Arborists to independently and continually verify our knowledge and skills. As we are Arboriculture Association Approved Contractors we are also independently audited to an extremely high standard on our safety, systems and work quality continually.

We are also Which Trusted Traders and Trustmark Registered to give you further peace of mind in your choice Acme Arb Ltd.
The Acme Arb Ltd team will always endeavour to arrive on time, be efficient and leave the work area tidy and will always be professional and courteous.


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