Ash Dieback in Sheffield

The Acme team dealing with the current Ash Dieback (ADB) infestation, which results in compromisation of the structural integrity of ash trees in the Sheffield area.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) In Sheffield
Our Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) tackles ash Dieback on Chesterfield Road, Sheffield

So How Serious is Ash Dieback in Sheffield?

It is still unclear how far the spread to our area has become, but it is now confirmed that ADB is prevalent in our region and is perhaps a little further developed, than first hoped.

Dealing with ash dieback in Sheffield
Geoff Walsh dealing with ash dieback in Sheffield

Affected trees may become difficult to quantify in terms of safety, once the disease is identified. This is particularly important for tree work as the safety of our climbers and ground staff makes it extremely important to adopt procedures that reduce the risk to our team. These measures will often involve using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP/cherry picker) to access the canopy safely where this is practical.

More Information From The AA

The link below, is for a very useful document released by the Arboricultural Association. It gives comprehensive advice on the disease, how it may be identified, the potential impact on trees once the disease has colonised, when it is time to intervene. And also what to do about replacing the huge numbers of mature trees (as well as younger ones) that will very likely be lost as a result.

We Can Help With Your Trees

If you feel that an ash tree on your property or near to your property is affected, please get in touch with photos and I will try to reply with specific advice as soon as I can.

We are aiming to replant more trees than we remove this year. We can carry this out on your behalf, or you could prefer to do this yourself. I am more than happy to offer more general advice on plant selection, planting and aftercare. Adhering to the “Right Tree, Right Place” principle to play my part in helping our region maintain its extremely valuable canopy cover.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions regarding safety work or replanting.

Sheffield Tree Surgeon Geoff Walsh


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